WE’D LIKE TO THANK THE ACADEMY - an interactive installation

support: Prof. Beatrix von Pilgrim, Prof. Barbara Büscher, Uta Kollmann

concept and realisation: Claudia Balsters, Maria Ebbinghaus, Sarah Reimann, Nicolas Rauch, 2011


act #1

Theatrical play in the White Cube

The space is dark. Only the projection casts some light. The projected form changes every two minutes, from a circle to a rectangle. The rectangle refers to an exhibit, the circle to a spotlight. In addition the floor is completely covered in white confetti.

The bench is quoting a conventional exhibition and inviting everyone to pause. The second you sit down, your body casts a shadow onto the projected form. Its a possibility for a traditional shadow theatre, a motivation to be your own picture, your own protagonist.

The exposed White Cube becomes a stage.


Now the light changes. There is warm bright light lighting up in a separated part of the space. The visitors move towards it, enter the second room and transporting some of the white confetti unconsciously with them into the second space.

This one is surrounded by a rack holding approx. 15 theatre lights, which are pointing down. The floor is completely covered in black confetti. The hot and stifling atmosphere is increased through a quiet but dull sound, as if something was about to start.

Across the room is the title tag attached to the wall.

Theatrical stage in the White Cube

The lighting in the second room renders a certain space that turns into an exhibiting space as soon as a visitor steps onto the lit floor. The visitor becomes the exhibited object for the people outside the rectangle, but he/she also can experience the feeling of being presented on a theatrical stage - the bright light makes it difficult to see.